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Signature Libraries4800 compounds
Release: 2015-2016
Update: 2016-10
ASINEX's cutting edge chemistry combined with in silico and in vitro screening validation. Favorable results are packaged in an easy to use, one plate format (80 compounds). For more information, please download >>>

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Macrocycle Pre-Plated Set21807 compounds
Pre-Plated Set
Amount: 0.01-2.0 mg
Update: 2017-01
ASINEX ‘s Macrocycle Pre-plated Sets are designed to provide the most popular screening libraries in a convenient and cost-effective manner. For more information, please download >>>sdf-icon pdf-icon
Macrocycles32853 compounds
For cherry-picking
Update: 2017-01
The file contains all available Macrocycles selected from ourSignature & BioDesign Libraries.For more information, please download >>>sdf-icon pdf-icon

News & Events

Drug Discovery Chemistry 2017
San Diego, CA / April 23-27
ASINEX is the premier sponsor of theDrug Discovery ChemistryConference scheduled to take place at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina from April 23-27.

ASINEX will also be involved in a panel discussion in the Macrocyclics & Constrained Peptides track and as the premier sponsor is able to offerFREE ATTENDANCE (click here)to this event for the winner of a contest. Please enter this contest for the chance to attend this event FREE!

Additionally, ASINEX is hosting a round table “breakout discussion” on the morning of Tuesday, April 25.

Title: Identifying the Best Starting Point in PPI Drug Discovery

• Should one consider a collection of fragments, “traditional” small molecules, macrocycles, or any other screening collection?
• Is a high throughput, medium throughput, or SBDD the best approach?
• Are “difficult” targets becoming easier?

Questions/comments on this event and your possibleFREE ATTENDANCEcan be referred to Mark Parisi at