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Antibacterial Library4088 compounds
For cherry-picking
Update: 2016-11
ASINEX has developed a unique compound library for antibacterial research based on the proprietary natural product-like scaffolds that provide great skeletal diversity combined with the presence of polar functional groups and multiple stereogenic centers. For more information, please download >>>sdf-icon pdf-icon
Gram Negative Antibacterials
80 compounds
Pre-Plated Set
Release: 2016
ASINEX has created a library of small molecule compounds based on an “iminosugar” scaffold. The selected molecules occupy a very specific physicochemical space of known Gram negative antibiotics. We have also screened this library against 4 selected bacterial pathogens. Several active compounds inhibited >50% of bacterial growth at a given concentration. For more information, please download >>>sdf-icon pdf-icon

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