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ASINEX's libraries consist of more than 600,000 compounds, encompassing great diversity and also incorporating strategic scaffold design.

ASINEX has synthesized more than 2,000 novel lead-like scaffolds over the last five years. All compounds are carefully designed to avoid major ADMET issues. Moreover, we experimentally test all our new compounds for solubility in DMSO and aqueous media.

All ASINEX compounds are stored neat as a dry stock but can be re-formatted upon request to dry film or DMSO solution.

All ASINEX compounds have a minimum purity of 90%.

All ASINEX compounds have been characterized by either NMR and/or HPLC/MS methods. Complementary analytical data are available upon the purchase of our compounds.

High probability of refills is secured for the most recent high-value libraries.

ASINEX is willing to support your follow-up chemistry programs by offering analogues, building blocks, intermediates and synthetic protocols. We can also confirm availability to ensure the possibility of the resupply of any particular compound.

Building Blocks for protein-protein interactions

Protein-protein interactions (PPIs) have great potential as therapeutic targets but are currently one of the most challenging areas in Drug Discovery. Failure when screening such targets is presumably linked to the lack of small molecules in compound collections that are capable of mimicking, and hence disrupting, key elements of the PPI interface. Compounds generally do not have the geometry and substitution characteristics to correctly display the requisite functional groups in three dimensions. To help address these issues, ASINEX has developed a range of Building Blocks (BBs) suitable for constructing alpha-helix mimetics and other low molecular weight structures with multiple substituents, for targeting PPIs ... read more

PPI Fragments

PPI Fragments occupy a unique area of chemical space. It has been demonstrated that due to the low ligand efficiency of the compounds in PPI assays, the minimum detectable molecular weight of active PPI fragments is typically more than 300 Daltons1. This value is in sharp contrast to common fragments for FBDD which generally have a MW of 120-2502. Furthermore, as hydrophobic interactions play a very important more

PPI Library

ASINEX has been working on the synthesis and production of PPI Libraries since 2008 and we are now in our fifth generation. From a medicinal chemistry point-of-view, one of the main problems in making potent, high-quality, PPI compounds is keeping the balance between the hydrophobicity of the compounds and their solubility. Another obstacle is the limited availability of poly-functional building more

Building Blocks for Macrocycles

There is currently significant academic and commercial interest in macrocyclic chemistry in order to derive structures with much greater diversity as compared to conventional screening collections. It is also important to maintain favorable physicochemical properties and useful biological activity incorporating synthetic elements of natural product structures as targeted agents for certain drug design more

Macrocyclic Library

Among the many challenges facing drug discovery research in recent years, the search for innovative antibacterial agents with a new mode of action has proven to be particularly unproductive. Many factors have contributed to this problem. ASINEX has developed a potent Antibacterial Compound Library based on unique natural product-like more

Antibacterial Library

Among the many challenges facing drug discovery research in recent years, the search for innovative antibacterial agents with a new mode of action has proven to be particularly unproductive. Many factors have contributed to this problem. ASINEX has developed a potent Antibacterial Compound Library based on unique natural product-like more

Lipid GPCRs

G-Protein Coupled Receptors (GPCRs) have historically been the most successful of all classes of drug targets. Even within this protein family, however, there remain substantial opportunities for further discovery. Particular examples of this are lipid receptors, of which there are ~50 in humans. Finding ligands for Lipid GPCRs remains a challenging area in Drug Discovery, possibly due to the importance of an acidic group in the pharmacophore for most targets and the relative shortage of such moieties in screening collections to date. Based on analysis of known hits, we have designed a library of natural product-like lipophilic molecules possessing a carboxyl group more

Non-nitrogenous compound for CNS

The discovery of Salvinorin and other trans-neoclerodane diterpenoids as highly potent, sub-type selective opioid ligands has stimulated substantial interest in such chemotypes. Leveraging our efforts around the synthesis of trans-decalin and other related poly-oxygented scaffolds, we have developed a library of non-nitrogenous compounds for screening at targets which have traditionally required basic compounds more

SAM/SAH mimetics

The enzyme co-factor SAM/SAH is thought to be the second most common after ATP. It is found in all branches of life, being widely exploited by protein methyltransferases in particular for the transfer of a methyl group to various molecules of biological significance. A modular approach has been used at ASINEX to synthesize a library of SAM-SAH more

Ion Channels

Defining the characteristics of a typical ion channel ligand can be complicated by the wide range of different binding sites potentially available. Pharmacophore analyses of known blockers have revealed that these molecules have relatively low molecular weight, are rather hydrophobic, and generally have one polar group such us basic nitrogen, primary amide more

α-Helix Mimetics

A key opportunity for drug design is in the identification of compounds which are effective mimics of protein secondary structural elements. This is particularly true of the -helix. There is very limited availability of true α-helix non-peptidoid mimics from commercial sources. Based on ASINEX proprietary Building Blocks, α-helix mimics have been more

Phenotypic Screening Set

There is renewed focus within the drug discovery industry on the application of phenotypic screening whereby compounds are profiled for their ability to alter the characteristics or traits of a cell or organism. In designing this screening set, our main focus was on the selection of natural product-like compounds from our Biodesign libraries (link to Biodesign library) giving good structural complexity and pharmacophoric diversity, including higher fraction sp3 (fsp3) than is typical. Compounds are selected that have high DMSO and aqueous solubility more

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