Screening Library: The Elite Libraries

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The Elite Libraries comprise 880 distinct templates designed with a focus on novelty and developability. 80 000 final compounds have been screened against a panel of early ADMET tests (including DMSO and water solubility, PAMPA, PGP and CYP inhibition) to make sure screening hits are devoid of potential ADMET problems and are amenable for rapid hit-to-lead optimization.

ASINEX Synergy is a high diversity library of 35,000 drug-like compounds. The design of this library is based on a combination of two pharmacophore-rich monomers coupled by using a set of straightforward reactions: acylation, amination, alkylation. More than 6000 building blocks were used in the synthesis and enabled the creation of a library of impressive diversity. The library is ideal for further optimization as it allows for a quick SAR analysis and generation of focused sets. Moreover the starting building blocks and monomers are available for purchasing from our Building Block collection. The success of Synergy Library has been documented in a number of client publications.