About Us


Since 1994, we have provided screening libraries of lead-like molecules, macrocycles and fragments as well as research reagents and building blocks that have greatly enhanced the medicinal chemistry programs of our clients throughout the world.



With our R&D sites in Winston-Salem, we can respond efficiently to the demands of our industrial and academic partners through collaborative engagement in many disciplines:


Medicinal chemistry:


     ・ Hit identification

     ・ Hit-to-lead, lead optimization

     ・ Fragment based drug design (FBDD)

     ・ Structure based drug design (SBDD)

     ・ Parallel chemistry & purification




     ・ Assay validation

     ・ HTS, high content screening

     ・ Cellular biology

     ・ ADMET and PK



Leveraging 20+ years of research experience, we have refined our powerful Compound-to-Target™ platform that facilitates the discovery of novel modulators of pharmacologically-relevant “difficult” targets and signaling pathways:


     ・ Protein-Protein interactions

     ・ WNT/ β-catenin

     ・ Apoptosis

     ・ Infectious diseases



Our technology is based on innovative chemistry enabling the creation of novel lead-like molecules and macrocycles supported by experimental biological testing to refine the design via synchronized target-based and phenotypic screening cascades. The platform provides valuable deliverables in the areas of oncology and infectious disease.



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Dmitry Genis, CEO and Founder


Mr. Genis has successfully guided ASINEX from being a start-up company of 3 employees to becoming a well-recognized name in the drug discovery sector, currently employing 80 staff globally. Mr. Genis has 25+ years of experience in the areas of research, development, marketing, strategy and operations.



Mark Parisi, Executive Director


Mr. Parisi has more than 20 years of international business experience and was instrumental in the founding and development of the company’s presence in the United States. He is responsible for the creation of multiple start-up companies and has over 16 years of experience in the life science field.



Ludmila Sadovenko, Director of Marketing Strategy


Ms. Sadovenko is a world-wide expert in the biotechnology industry with strength of special focus on building customer and vendor relationships. Ms Sadovenko joined ASINEX in 1995 and has held a number of roles of increasing responsibility at Asinex.



Roman Kombarov, Head of Business Development


Dr. Kombarov has more than 15 years of industry experience in both management and research positions. He has lead cross-functional research teams that have advanced the discovery and lead optimization of small molecule programs in oncology, CNS, and infectious disease in collaboration with external partners.



Shingo Ota, Asinex Japan Inc.


Mr. Ota joined ASINEX in 2003 bringing his multi-year experience in sourcing and distributing screening collections, building blocks and fine chemicals for the Japanese life science industry. At ASINEX, Mr. Ota focuses on developing outstanding customer service and building lasting relationships with Japan-based pharmaceutical and agrochemical companies.