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About us


ASINEX has developed BioDesign and BioMimetic platforms that facilitate the discovery of novel regulators of pharmacologically-relevant “difficult” targets and biological pathways such us Protein-Protein interactions, Lipid GPCRs, Ion Channels, Oncogenic cascades and Epigenetics.

Our technology is based on innovative proprietary chemistries enabling the synthesis of drug-like Macrocycles, non-peptoid Peptide Mimetics and Natural Product-like pharmacophore-rich compounds with experimentally controlled lipophilicity, solubility and chemical stability properties.

BioDesign & BioMimetic Platform

The BioDesign and Biomimetic approaches provide an access to novel molecules with a higher level of saturation, three-dimensionality and natural product-like properties. Our synthetic methodology involves strategic use of stereoselective reactions both for scaffold generation and final compound production.


Our most recent novel design concept is the BioMimetic Library. Natural product structures, along with the mechanisms of their biosynthesis, have been an invaluable source of inspiration. Skeletally and functionally diverse natural product derivatives have been designed in order to further advance ASINEX's portfolio of BioDesign compound arrays by exploiting a biomimetic synthetic approach.

Customer Support

Quality is the most important component of all our products and services. We promptly deliver our products to support the efficiency and advancement of your research programs. Our compound libraries and building blocks are of high purity (guaranteed minimum 90%, average 95%) confirmed by HPLC/MS and NMR data which is available on request. We are willing to accommodate any packaging and delivery format you specify as we have over 20 years of experience in formatting orders to the specification of our clients.


ASINEX provides the following complementary early drug discovery services:

  • exclusive library design and synthesis;
  • computational chemistry;
  • bio assay development and screening;
  • compound management & quality control.
We are committed to providing professional resources and dedicated management to ensure maximum productivity and cost-effectiveness leading to successful completion of your project.


Dr. Dmitry Genis
Chief Executive Officer
Ludmila Sadovenko
Chief Marketing Manager
Valery Kochubey
Head of Chemistry

Shingo Ota
Asinex Japan Inc.
Mark A. Parisi
Executive Director

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