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Bio Building Blocks
Bio Building Blocks are the core elements of ASINEX’s new BioDesign range of compound libraries. These molecules are the foundation upon which the whole range of libraries have been created, 1300 of these highly novel building blocks are now available for acquisition.

Rare secondary amines and carboxcylic acids make up the majority of this library. ASINEX Bio Building Blocks are alkaloid-like and are composed of fragments similar to ergoline, quinine, nicotine, anabasine, cytosine, epibatadine, acromellic acid etc.

These novel, carefully designed starting materials can be used as ingredients for library generation or for optimization of lead compounds.The high novelty of these building blocks is certain to lead to a clear IP position. A separate subset of precursors is also available.
Bio Building Blocks
MedChem Building Blocks
ASINEX’s standard Building Blocks are reagents ideal for combinatorial chemistry and lead optimization; they are typical fragmented drug-like building blocks which have several points of diversity. This collection of 7000 compounds consists mainly of Primary Amines, Secondary Amines, Carboxylic Acids, Aldehydes and Polyfunctional Building Blocks.

Our building blocks are exceptionally diverse and drug-like and make superb tools for decoration or library expansion. Included are many peripheral building blocks with low molecular weight which are ideal for lead optimization, and many may also suitable for fragment-based screening.

The quality of the Drug-Like Building Blocks is exceptionally high with a minimum purity of 95% and an average of 98%. been tested for stability and solubility in DMSO, and are available as dry powder.

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