Asinex Corporation is located in Winston Salem, North Carolina. We have created a unique, drug discovery Compound-To-Target™ platform based on our know-how in novel chemistry and biological screening technology. Our employees are motivated by challenging and interesting work and encouraged to demonstrate scientific excellence and a passion to innovate.


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Position: Medicinal Chemist (Research Scientist)




  – Design, synthesis, and purification compounds (small molecules)


  – Hit-to-lead optimization


  – Ensure that work is performed in safe and efficient manner


  – Share laboratory responsibilities such as reagent ordering and equipment maintenance


Education and Experience:


M.S. in organic synthesis or equivalent with at least 3 years of industrial experience in medicinal chemistry, biochemistry, or a related field is preferred. 




Strong oral and written communications skills, good data record-keeping, and the ability to work in a team environment are essential.  Familiarity with laboratory high-throughput automation and robotics are a plus. 


Position: Scientist


ASINEX is a world leader in supplying compound libraries, focused libraries, custom libraries, and building blocks for early drug discovery. ASINEX also has a growing list of partners who utilize its computational, custom synthesis, and biology services for lead optimization projects.


Duties / Responsibilities:


In supplying compound libraries, the compounds which are stored in dry powder form must be formatted to the specification of our clients. More specifically, we take the source, usually 100 mg in a vial, and weigh out the amount our client has specified, often a 1-10 mg/aliquot. This aliquot is then either put into another vial, or a 96 or 384 well plate. Sometimes there are just a few compounds per order; there can, however, be thousands of compounds in a single order.

The successful candidate would be responsible for aliquotting compounds to the specification(s) of our clients, labeling vials/plates, creating the appropriate documentation for each order, and assisting with inventory procedures.


Available Shifts:


       ・ Monday – Friday (8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.)
       ・ Monday – Friday (2:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.)


Job Requirements:


      ・ AS or BS in Chemistry or a Life Science is highly desired.
      ・ Ability to follow directions using standard operating procedures
      ・ Excellent documentation skills
      ・ Exceptional attention to detail
      ・ Ability to work independently as well as work well with a team.




Position: Biology Intern



We are currently seeking a Biology Intern to play an important role in supporting our research and development efforts. 


The position offers challenge and growth opportunities.  In this role you will:


Learn to develop and optimize a biochemical and cellular assay for proteins that have been identified as a drug target. You will work in close collaboration with a scientist in the group and become familiar with general lab and safety procedures employed in an active drug discovery organization.


Keep accurate and detailed records in a lab notebook and deliver progress reports in weekly group meetings.  During the assay optimization process, the conditions are determined at which the biologically relevant protein activity can be measured in a 96 well plate format. In general we optimize the buffer composition, reaction time, temperature, enzyme, substrate and detection reagent concentrations. You will become familiar with the methodology and criteria used to obtain robust assays, data analysis and quality control.


Become familiar with general cell culture and safety procedures for handling biological materials and assist by keeping various cell lines in culture. At the end of the internship the developed assays are taken into production to determine the potency of our in house compounds.


Education / Experience:


       ・ BS (received by June 2016) in Biology or similar field.

       ・ Proficient in basic laboratory methods.

       ・ Ability to follow directions using standard operating procedures.

       ・ Excellent documentation skills.

       ・ Exceptional attention to detail. 

       ・ Ability to work independently as well as work well with a team.