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Pre-plated Sets  07/2015 New!
We have crafted pre-plated sets to facilitate the screening efforts of our academic and industrial partners by providing access to our the most popular screening libraries in a convenient and cost-effective manner.
SD file
  1. Macrocycles
  2. Phenotypic Screening Set
  3. Protein-Protein Interactions (PPI)
  4. Diversity Set
BioDesign  04/2015 Update
Asinex's BioDesign approach incorporates key structural features of known pharmacologically relevant natural products (e.g. alkaloids and other secondary metabolites) into synthetically feasible medicinal chemistry scaffolds. In order to identify the privileged pharmacophores, ring systems and linkers, we have carried out statistical analyses of structural features of natural products, marketed drugs, and drug candidates. Our research shows that saturated fused ring, spiro, and bridged systems with a tendency towards chirality are highly privileged among natural products and marketed drugs yet these structures are very poorly represented in commercial libraries. The basis of our BioDesign approach incorporates these highly privileged elements in the design of novel synthetic molecules to deliver screening compounds with a higher level of saturation (av.Fsp3>0.5), multiple chiral centers (av.≥2), and a high diversity of natural product-like frameworks.
110.787 compounds
SD File 30.7 Mb , Smiles 1.3 Mb
The Elite Libraries®  03/2015 Update stock availability
“Leadlikeness” is the basis of The Elite Libraries® which have been shown to be an excellent starting point in various drug discovery programs (e.g GPCR, Kinase, Ion Channels).This library includes >900 scaffolds designed with a focus on novelty and ease of medicinal chemistry development. The Elite Libraries® have been biologically profiled to avoid ADMET problems; this testing along with the fact that the compounds are amenable for rapid hit-to-lead optimization has lead to a number of documented success stories in drug discovery.
104.577 compounds
SD File 31.8 Mb , Smiles 1.6 Mb
Gold/Platinum Collection 03/2015 Update stock availability
Our Gold and Platinum Collections provide an exceptionally diverse, cost effective coverage of drug-like chemical space. We have scientists on staff who can help craft a set of compounds to particular application (e.g. therapeutic target or agrochemical indication). We pay special attention to quality control and prompt delivery from our site in Winston-Salem, NC.
296.537 compounds
SD File 90.3 Mb , Smiles 4.1 Mb
Fragments  04/2015 Update stock availability
23.193 compounds
SD File 5.2 Mb , Smiles 0.3 Mb
Upon request:  
1. Malaria, Tuberculosis and Neglected Diseases 10. Asinex Compounds in ChEMBL (Ion Channel Set)
2. Agrochemicals & Crop Protection 11. Asinex Compounds in ChEMBL (Protease Set)
3. Covalent / Irreversible Inhibitors 12. Asinex Compounds referenced in Literature
4. ATP-competitive kinase Inhibitors 13. High quality, Novel, Diverse Building blocks
5. Antibacterials 14. Building blocks for DNA encoded libraries
6. Glycomimetics 15. Co-factor mimetics: ATP, SAM, cAMP
7. Asinex Compounds in ChEMBL (PPI Set) 16. Antiviral
8. Asinex Compounds in ChEMBL (Kinase Set) 17. Nucleoside mimetics
9. Asinex Compounds in ChEMBL (Epigenetic Set)  



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