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Ion-Channel Library10744 compounds
For cherry-picking
Update: 2016-11
The file contains all available Ion-Channel compounds selected from ourSignature & BioDesign Libraries.For more information, please download >>>sdf-icon pdf-icon
SL#005, 051
Ion Channel Modulators. Nav1.8
80 compounds x 2
Pre-Plated Set
Release: 2016
Based on the analysis of several known NaV1.8-blockers ASINEX has developed a pharmacophore model which has been used to carry out an exhaustive search on a 20000+ set of natural product-like compounds. The highest scoring compounds were screened in vitro in the human Nav1.8/β3 sodium channel cell line. For more information, please download >>>sdf-icon pdf-icon
Voltage-gated sodium channels
80 compounds
Pre-Plated Set
Release: 2016
ASINEX has identified a number of ion-channel modulators against undisclosed voltage-gated ion channels. This library is useful for ion channel research and drug discovery. For more information, please download >>>sdf-icon pdf-icon

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