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All Libraries File#1 (1/6)
Signature Libraries
7818 compounds
Release: 2015-2018
Update: 2018-12
File#1 contains all "Signature Libraries" our cutting edge chemistry combined with in silico and in vitro screening validation. For more information, please download >>>

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All Libraries File#2 (2/6)
BioDesign Library
195141 compounds
Release: 2008-2017
Update: 2018-08
File#2 contains “BioDesign” library. Our “BioDesign” approach incorporates key structural features of known pharmacologically relevant natural products (e.g. alkaloids and other secondary metabolites) into synthetically feasible medicinal chemistry scaffolds. In order to identify the privileged pharmacophores, ring systems and linkers, we have carried out statistical analysis of structural features of natural products, marketed drugs, and drug candidates. Our research shows that saturated fused ring, spiro, and bridged systems with a tendency towards multiple chiral centers are highly privileged among natural products and marketed drugs yet these structures are very poorly represented in commercial libraries. We deliberately introduced these highly privileged elements in the design of novel synthetic molecules to deliver screening compounds with a higher level of saturation (av.Fsp3>0.5), multiple chiral centers (av.≥2), and a high diversity of natural product-like frameworks.sdf-icon pdf-icon
All Libraries File#3 (3/6)
Elite Library
Synergy Library
103325 compounds
Release: 2004-2008
Update: 2018-08
File#3 contains “lead-like” compounds, also known as “Elite Library®” and "Synergy Library." These compounds have been screened against a panel of early ADMET tests (including DMSO and water solubility, PAMPA, PGP and CYP inhibition) to make sure screening hits are devoid of potential ADMET problems and are amenable for rapid hit-to-lead optimization. sdf-icon
All Libraries File#4 (4/6)
Gold & Platinum Collections File1
286342 compounds
Release: 1994-2004
Update: 2018-08
Files #4 #5 #6 contains “historical”compounds, also known as “Gold and Platinum Collections.” It provides diverse and cost effective coverage of drug-like chemical space. The majority of compounds have a high degree of drug-likeness, in accordance with Lipinski's Rule of 5. sdf-icon
All Libraries File#5 (5/6)
Gold & Platinum Collections File2
All Libraries File#6 (6/6)
Gold & Platinum Collections File3