Screening Library: Gold & Platinum

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The Gold Collection started in 1994 with the collecting of compounds from former Soviet universities and research institutes and supplying them on to Western Pharma and Biotech companies. It is an extremely diverse library which we estimate covers 85% of the chemical space of other historical libraries. The Gold Collection consists of 250,000 compounds and its greatest strength is the level of diversity.

In 1998 ASINEX set up its own laboratory and started producing in-house synthesized compounds. This became known as the Platinum Collection. This collection is generally more lead-like than the Gold Collection and as it is an in-house collection we are able to provide more efficient follow-up services. The Platinum Collection consists of 150,000 compounds which are only available from ASINEX.

All recently acquired or synthesized compounds in the Platinum and Gold Collections must conform to 16 structural and drug-like descriptors, in particular Lipinski's rule of 5.

The majority of compounds have a high degree of drug-likeness, in accordance with 'Lipinski's Rule of 5':
The diversity analysis carried out by Irwin and Shoichet, J. Chem. Inf. Model. 2005;45(1):177-82 and visible on the ZINC website shows these libraries in a favourable light in terms of diversity and drug-likeness.

The success of Gold & Platinum Libraries has been proved through a number of client publications:

  • Structure-based virtual screening against SARS-3CLpro to identify novel non-peptidic hits
    Mukherjee, Prasenjit; Desai, Prashant; Ross, Larry; White, E. Lucile; Avery, Mitchell A., Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry, 2008, vol. 16, #7, pp 4138-4149.
  • Platinum Collection:
  • N-(thiazol-2-yl)-2-thiophene carboxamide derivatives as Abl inhibitors identified by a pharmacophore-based database screening of commercially available compounds
    Manetti, Fabrizio; Falchi, Federico; Botta, Maurizio; Crespan, Emmanuele; Maga, Giovanni; Schenone, Silvia Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters, 2008, vol. 18, #15, pp 4328-4331.
  • A Combination of Docking/Dynamics Simulations and Pharmacophoric Modeling to Discover New Dual c-Src/Abl Kinase Inhibitors 
    Manetti, Fabrizio; Locatelli, Giada A.; Maga, Giovanni; Schenone, Silvia; Modugno, Michele; Forli, Stefano; Corelli, Federico; Botta, Maurizio, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 2006, vol. 49, #11, pp 3278-3286.