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Steroid Mimetics1687 compounds
Release: 2017-01
The file contains ALL Steroid mimetics for cherry-picking.
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Terpenoid Mimetics
5105 compounds
Release: 2017-01
ASINEX generates a unique library of skeletally diverse (saturated fused-, spiro- systems) highly oxygen rich molecules. The synthetic strategy is based on biomimetic transformations of natural terpenoid products, such as NOPOL, NEROL and GERANIOL, into novel polyether derivatives. These cyclic molecules contain several versatile functionalities (OH, NH, COOH) which are amenable to further medicinal chemistry exploration. For more information, please download >>>sdf-icon pdf-icon
SL#059, 060
80 compounds x 2
Pre-Plated Set
Release: 2016
Asinex has developed a versatile synthetic approach to skeletally diverse novel spiro scaffolds that are based on a rare combination of O- and N-containing cycles with additional synthetic handles. This allows the introduction of various peripheral fragments which, in turn, create derivatives with a very attractive physico-chemical profile. For more information, please download >>>sdf-icon pdf-icon

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